We have huge resource base of fashion and its trends across the world. It monitors latest fashions with keen eye and forecasts the future designs as well. Depending upon the customer's requirement, sample designs are prepared and presented for approval. We provide thoroughly researched creative and technical services in all critical areas of product development, which are integral to the design process. It adopts latest innovations in the industry with effortless easy.

It has expertise in all types of fabric designing. Yotsna's designed products exude exuberance and provide visual feast to the eyes of the customers. Its objective is to regale the world with its unenviable designs.

We have the pleasure of testing unusual combinations. Sophistication and irony, glamour and innovation, functionality and appeal for the range of products for the customers.

Striking and skillfully crafted and sophisticated product samples are made available to the customers. Rough sketches are given proper shape with technical support. All material is sourced for pre-production. Finishing, embroidery, handy-craft, embellishing, fabric selection and dying etc are done on customer request.

We also acts as buying agents on behalf of the customer, provided order is placed with it. It has network with material suppliers, who supply material at economic price.