A techpack is a set of technical details sheets of any design which explain the various processes, techniques and quality parameters involved during the product development process (especially for bulk manufacturing of any apparel product). This is visually impressive and conveys information in an effective manner as it will have verbal explanation as well as illustrated with diagrams / sketches.

We are expertise in TECH PACKs that are visually impressive and conveys all the design and technical information in an effective manner quickly. We lay stress on both the aesthetics as well as technological compliance of these techpacks, keeping in mind the compatibility, colour schemes and optimization for product development at both, sample development and bulk production process.

Each TechPack is drafted in a unique format and the basic structure of our tech pack as follows:

  • Page 1: Garment Flat Sketch (rendered - solid color or fabric). Both Front and Back Sketches in Flat view to show the details appropriately.
  • Page 2: Garment Flat Sketch with color combo details. All the Cut and Sew colors in Pantone (TPX) reference codes for all color combinations.
  • Page 3: This page of the techpack is designed for Special Treatments on the garment if any (especially for Denims). These technical details are very useful for treatments like grinding, repair stitches, whiskers, scraping, swift tags, et..
  • Page 4: Construction & Pattern details on B&W Sketch. All the Sewing details with types of stitches and their placement. Color combination of the sewing thread could also be mentioned here.
  • Page 5: Measurement Chart with graded specification sheet
  • Page 6: Detailed drawings of the garment where ever required as B&W Sketch. If any intricate or heavy detail is there, that could be shown as a detailed drawing to make the sample maker understand better and convenient.
  • Page 7: Artwork Details: Print or Embroidery Details with Color specification and color combination details. Artwork Size details will be provided here.
  • Page 8: All Label Details like Woven Labels, Printed Labels. Artwork Details like Color Specifications, size specification, application technique or method, etc.
  • Page 9: Hang Tags Details: The details of brand tag or seasons tag or any other barcode tag details and their placements will be specified here.
  • Page 10: Packaging Details like poly bag size, the specification of garment folding and inserting to the polybag. Carton Box size and quality Specification. Details like number of pieces to be packed in a single Carton Box and stickers details on the carton box if any.

As a part of tech pack, all artworks with actual size & measurements in separate files